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All-In-One Military Grade Secured Smartphone with Hybrid Connectivity

Introducing the All-In-One Military Grade Secured Smartphone with Hybrid Connectivity from Gilat Telecom, the ultimate communication device designed for the most demanding environments and critical missions. This state-of-the-art smartphone is engineered to provide secure, reliable, and versatile communication capabilities, ensuring that strategic, sensitive, and confidential information remains protected at all times.

Integrated Satellite and Mobile Connectivity:

This robust device offers seamless secured communications across cellular, satellite, and Wi-Fi networks, ensuring that users stay connected, whether in urban centers or the most remote locations. Its hybrid connectivity ensures that communication lines remain open, even when conventional networks fail.


Connected Anywhere:

With the All-In-One Military Grade Secured Smartphone, continuous and flexible broadband access is a given. This device is designed to keep you connected anywhere on the globe, providing reliable data and voice communication in any situation.


Secured and Confidential:

Security is paramount in sensitive operations. This smartphone comes equipped with advanced anti-tapping and anti-hacking features, safeguarding your communications against unauthorized access and ensuring that your information remains confidential and secure.



Built to Military Grade Standards, this smartphone is ready for any challenge. Its rugged design ensures it can withstand harsh conditions, from extreme temperatures to dust, water, and impact, making it the perfect companion for field operations, remote missions, and challenging environments.



Gilat Telecom's All-In-One Military Grade Secured Smartphone with Hybrid Connectivity is more than just a device; it's a lifeline for government agencies, defense personnel, and strategic operations in rural and remote areas. With this smartphone, you're not just secured; you're connected and protected, everywhere.

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