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Satellite & Multi Band Radio Interoperability

On-The-Walk Tactical Communications for maneuvering forces with seamless Multi Band Radio (50-950 MHz) to SATCOM  Interoperability. 

On the modern battlefield, Special Forces often operate in small teams Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) and view communications as key to success in their critical mission.


Gilat Telecom provides a solution that allows full tactical radio ~
communications, including:

  • Seamless Multi Band Radio to SATCOM interoperability

  • On-the-walk and On-the-move voice and data communications

  • Lightweight micro equipment kit  (133 gr.)

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Introducing the Gilat G-Flipper: a cutting-edge solution in On-The-Walk Tactical Communications, designed to empower maneuvering forces with unparalleled connectivity.


The G-Flipper bridges the gap between Multi Band Radio (50-950 MHz) and SATCOM, ensuring seamless interoperability and continuous communication, even Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS).


In the dynamic environment of the modern battlefield, where Special Forces operate in small, agile teams, communication is not just a tool but the backbone of mission success.

The G-Flipper by Gilat Telecom is engineered to support the demanding requirements of these critical missions, offering:

  • Seamless Interoperability: The G-Flipper ensures flawless integration between Multi Band Radio and SATCOM systems, providing a continuous communication link that is essential for operational coordination and strategic flexibility.

  • On-The-Walk and On-The-Move Communications: Designed for the soldier in motion, the G-Flipper supports both voice and data communications, keeping teams connected whether they're advancing on foot or moving in vehicles.

  • Lightweight Design: Understanding the importance of mobility and endurance in the field, the G-Flipper is presented in a micro equipment kit weighing just 133 grams. This lightweight design ensures that carrying essential communication gear doesn't impede the agility or readiness of the forces.

Gilat Telecom's G-Flipper is more than just a piece of equipment; it's a lifeline for Special Forces operating in the most challenging environments, ensuring that no matter where the mission goes, vital lines of communication remain open, clear, and secure.

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