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Tactical Communications

Gilat Telecom's Tactical Communications Solutions are engineered to meet the rigorous demands of military and tactical operations, providing secure, reliable, and versatile communication options across diverse environments. The solutions encompass a range of voice and data communication technologies tailored to the unique needs of tactical teams.

Voice Communication solutions include PTT (Push-to-Talk) over Satellite, offering real-time, global communication capabilities, and a Hybrid SATCOM <-> UHF/VHF Radio system, ensuring seamless interoperability between satellite and traditional radio systems. Additionally, Gilat Telecom introduces an All-In-One Military Grade Secured Smartphone with Hybrid Connectivity, combining the robustness of military communications with the versatility and ease-of-use of commercial smartphones.

Data Communication technologies are designed for mobility and rapid deployment. On-The-Walk Micro Backpack Terminals provide lightweight, portable data communication solutions for dismounted personnel. Rapid Deployment Terminals are designed for quick setup, delivering high-speed data communications in time-sensitive situations. Mobile Drive Away / On-the-move Terminals ensure continuous data connectivity for vehicles and mobile command centers, supporting operations on the move.

Gilat Telecom also offers Other Solutions to complement its communication suite, including a Jammer Vehicle System for electronic warfare and signal jamming, enhancing operational security. The Tracking and C&C (Command and Control) capabilities ensure comprehensive situational awareness and control over assets and personnel, critical for the success and safety of tactical missions.


We Create a Secure Mesh Connection From HQ To Any Point

Global Coverage of Multiple Bands:
L Band, Ku Band, X Band, Ka Band, C Band


Voice Communication: 

  • PTT over Satellite

  • Hybrid SATCOM  <-> UHF/VHF Radio

  • All-In-One Military Grade Secured Smartphone with Hybrid Connectivity

Data Communication:

  • On-The-Walk Micro Backpack Terminals

  • Rapid Deployment Terminals

  • Mobile Drive Away / On-the-move Terminals

Other Solutions:

  • Jammer Vehicle System

  • Tracking and C&C

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