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PTT Over Satellite

Gilat Telecom's PTT (Push-to-Talk) over Satellite Communications system revolutionizes global tactical communication by enabling instant, worldwide group communication at the push of a button. Leveraging the robust Iridium® satellite network, this service offers unparalleled coverage, including the most remote regions and both polar areas, ensuring reliable connectivity across the globe.

Military Grade Solution:

  • Reliability and Cost-Effectiveness:
    Designed for the rigorous demands of military operations, this solution offers a dependable communication channel that is both economical and efficient.

  • Battle-Proven: Tested and proven in various operational environments, it stands up to the challenges of real-world military applications.

  • Security: Incorporating AES-256 encryption, it guarantees the highest level of security for transmitted data, protecting sensitive information from interception and unauthorized access.

  • Interoperability: Seamless integration between radio and satellite communications facilitates quick and effective coordination among diverse units, enhancing operational flexibility.

  • Extended Reach: This solution effectively overcomes the limitations posed by traditional communication methods, providing reliable coverage in areas previously considered dead zones.

  • Versatile Connectivity: It supports both single-site and multi-site connections, enabling cohesive communication strategies across dispersed units.

  • Unified Communications Management: A single designated device can manage all communication channels, simplifying operations and ensuring consistent command and control.

Gilat's PTT over Satellite Communications stands as a testament to advanced engineering, offering a secure, reliable, and comprehensive communication solution tailored for the most demanding tactical scenarios.

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