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Iridium Go Exec

Iridium Go Exec is the first portable touchscreen-enabled satellite access companion for smartphones, laptops, and tablets. 

  • Iridium Go Exec enables people to file reports, transfer images and video files, use common messaging apps and make voice calls – or, to put it simply, stay productive and connected from anywhere. 

  • Iridium Go Exec can connect via apps for a seamless mobile and portable Wi-Fi experience or ethernet cable for hardwired internet access from one location. 

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Iridium Go Exec

Portable Satellite Based Wireless Access Device

for Smartphones, Tablets and PCs



The Iridium Go Exec is a compact and user-friendly router that can be operated through a touch screen. It connects to all devices around the world, allowing you to communicate, and transfer information, files, and messages in various forms with ease.

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Iridium Go Exec

The Iridium Go Exec connection can be established either wirelessly (similar to a Wi-Fi router) or via a network cable. It can be managed through dedicated applications designed for the end device.


This solution is a user-friendly, effective, and reliable means of communication: 


  • For authorities, institutions, and organizations at emergency or routine. 

  • Camping and field trips in areas without cellular coverage. 

  • While sailing at sea.

Sea Communications

Remote Areas Communications

Image by Jose Antonio Gallego Vázquez

Emergency Communications

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