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Countering cross-border threats with operational intelligence

The rise of terrorist threats, criminal activity and illegal immigration demand a comprehensive and durable border protection solution. 

Gilat Telecom’s Border Control & Protection solution facilitates continuous and superior coverage of terrestrial borders and virtual borderlines. 

The comprehensive solution incorporates cutting-edge technologies: 

Command and Control 

  • Voice communication (Including hybrid SATCOM-RADIO) 

  • Data communication (including BLOS) 

  • Trackers (location, communications)

  • Communications Bubble

Sensors and Radars: 

  • Underground / Under water 

  • Intrusion location & direction

  • Fully concealed & passive

  • Mobile & Fix Radar Systems 

Remote / BLOS facilities: 

  • Managed Remote Poles (with multi-device)

  • Video fees 

  • Data Communication 

  • PDU’s

Vision Systems 

  • Multi-sensor systems

  • Cameras

  • Infrared / Thermal 

  • PTZ Control 

  • Mobile & Vehicle Carried 

Reconnaissance Systems: 

  • Balloons

  • Drones

  • UMA 

Jamming and Disruption:

  • Communication Jammers

  • Anti-drone (GPS / Signal jamming)


Border Protection

One of the difficulties in securing a nation's borders is the size of the area that needs to be effectively monitored and patrolled.


Gilat Telecom’s Smart Border Protection Solutions contain best of breed technology connected all in one mesh of fix, mobile and remotes sites:


  • Fence Perimeter Security

  • Intruders Detection Solutions

  • Anti Drone - Detection & Jamming

  • Drone Border Monitoring 

  • Observation Balloons  

  • Multi-Sensor Poles 

  • Tower Security Protection System

  • Perimeter Surveillance Systems​

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