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Intelligent Satellite Managed PDU

Control Your Tactical Equipment Beyond Line of Sight Over Secured Satellite IoT Communications

In the modern battlefield, deployment and control of distanced, unmanned, unapproachable electronic devices like cameras, sensors, tapping devices, jammers, and more is a key capability.


When these electronic devices should be concealed, power managed, being able to be remotely powered on/off, managed power distribution units become strategic.


In this landscape, Gilat Telecom’s Intelligent Satellite Managed PDUsenable operators to easily control or switch on/off tactical equipment Beyond Line of Sight over a secured dedicated IoT satellite link with extremely low power consumption.

  • Gilat Intelligent Satellite PDUs are Iridium Based
    It works anywhere on the planet and can travel between locations without any connectivity loss.

  • A stand-alone independent device that comes with its own network 
    Bulletproof connectivity due to proprietary and very stable service

  • Highly energetic efficiency

  • 2 Way communication Include one digital input for alerts and telematics

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